Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Fun up at BYUI

I moved in to my apartment, with 5 other girls. This is our kitchen! It is much more spacious than some of the other apartments :)
This is our bathroom! Only 2 sinks and mirrors.... on sunday morning's it's a little rough... as you can imagine. 6 girls all getting ready, fighting for mirror space. But we grow closer... haha
This is my bed. I made my quilt cover! :) it has little taxi's on it.
This is Alyssa and my closet. 2 girls, one closet. A little tight but we manage.
Bridger came to live here, and Nathan his cousin came to stay for a few weeks. We had a surprise birthday party for him!! :) Sam picked out what it said on his cake "Happy Birthday SugarLips" :)
Bridger decorated our apartment, with streamers, balloons, etc. He was surprised :)
Bridger showing off his work :)
I got my October package from my mom. It contained candy :), my favorite movie of all time "Hocus Pocus", little decorations, socks, a flashlight, etc :) LOVE YOU MOM!!!

I met Bridger in September!! We started dating. Our favorite thing to do is to go to the dunes, and ride his quad. :) The dunes are my FAVORITE place ever.
Cory and Nathan riding it out. :)

This is the basic info. I figure I need to do better about staying up on my blogging as more and more exciting things are happening in my life :) More to come!!! :)


Gina Sims said...

Janelle you are the cutest girl ever! Check out my blog if you want to it is
Love ya & glad you are having fun @ college. It is such a fun time!

Bickmore's said...

I am glad you finally updated your blog! you better stay on top of it!

Ammon & Nicole said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Thanks for finally saying something!:) I will have to add yours to my list! You are so cute Janelle and I'm so glad that you are having a blast at school. Your man is superhot! So you two must belong together cuz your both so hot! P.S. do you remember my blog address? and you already registered to view it a few years ago so you can add that to your list.